The task of a maid

The task of a maid

Starting at 5 o’clock in the morning, maids Malaysia got up to prepare breakfast and make work in the morning (like packing the kitchen or washing cloth). Sleep is not necessarily early if the host is still awake until midnight. At that time, the maid maid service Malaysia could shake the eyes.

Here is the field of work as a maid:

  • Swept
  • Washing clothes
  • Cleaning the house
  • Cleaning the dust
  • Mopping the floor
  • Cook and prepare food
  • Monitor small children
  • Keeping family members safe inside

The maid is also responsible for:

  1. Reporting things that could endanger life and household safety.
  2. Always be aware of whether the host and family are at home or not.
  3. Do not allow anybody to enter the house.
  4. Do not open up family members to neighbors.
  5. Do not waste time in places that should not be when the host gives a holiday.
  6. Spend money saving when buying kitchen items.
  7. Always be ear and eye for children so they do not do anything worthwhile.

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