Maid vs Handphone

Maid vs Handphone

Mobile and maids Malaysia is something that is synonymous and often becomes an issue to most employers. Some agencies also take seriously the use of mobile phones.

Why is it so ??? Mobile is a problem when the maid trusted by the employer to use the mobile phone has abused this facility. Although the employer requires that the handphone be given only to be used to contact the employer in case of an emergency but the situation is the opposite.

Mobile is often used by the maid at work to contact other filipino maids in KL buddies for an empty chat and possibly also chat with their boyfriends. If this situation persists, the maid loses focus on the work that is being done and even neglects the employers’ attention that needs to be carefully considered. In fact there are maids who disturbed their emotions when they get bad news after contacting their family in Indonesia.

As a middle ground, employers are advised to think of the tight measures and requirements to the maid if they still feel the need to allow the maid to use the mobile phone.

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