Expectations & Communication With Your New Maid

Expectations & Communication With Your New Maid

The maid comes from a foreign land. They have different views and way of doing things. Perception is different. Many may not come from urban dwellings and are unfamiliar with modern gadgets & electronic equipment. It is important to exercise patience in guiding them.

  • Never expect them to understand you immediately
  • Do not expect them to do things exactly the way you want it, fairly quickly

It takes time for them to comprehend, adapt and learn.

Language is an issue. They may nod and appear to understand your instructions and command. Do not assume that they the know what you want and fully comprehend what was instructed. Show by example, practice the use of the gadget or equipment repeatedly. Let them observe several time how to cook and do the laundry your way. Many employers make an attempt to learn the native language of the maid. This helps.

Give adequate food, care and rests to the maid. Ensure that their overall well-being is taken care off. A well feed and well rested maid will be a happy and productive helper for the family.

Ensure proper hygiene and medical care for the maid. Be strict on this. Check on their personal hygiene as well. This include oral hygiene. This is beneficial to the maid, employer and the family members.

Be punctual about paying the maid and at the same time help her to manage her finances and remittance to her family. Ensure that monies pay to her salary are properly documented for avoid future disputes. It is against the law to withhold or dock the salary for any reasons. When in doubt or having disputes, contact your maid agency immediately.

Do allow your maid to make the necessary calls home. They also have their family and dear ones to care for and to keep in touch. However, there must strict rule to forbade them from excessively making calls during their working hours. Nowadays, many maids do have their own handphones which you should allow but again, should be regulated or moderated.

Having off-days for the maid is common. They also deserve to have some rest and recreation. Do in still in the maid to ensure that they know how to take care of themselves and exercise responsible behaviour. Do let your maid agency counsel and guide them on this matter.

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