1. To send new maids for medical check-ups under Fomema.
  2. To allow the maid to assist in housework only.
  3. To provide a room, food and adequate rest time.
  4. To ensure maids do not marry locals.
  5. To pay salary by first week of each month and to keep record of payments.
  6. To report to the Immigration Department if the maid is found dead or missing.
  1. To live and work as stated in the contract.
  2. Not allowed to run any business.
  3. To follow instructions from the employer as stated in the contract.
  4. To take care of children or parents in the care of the employer.
  5. Not to get pregnant or give birth in Malaysia.
Maid Agencies
  1. Upon request to bring in a maid, approval must be attained from government departments.
  2. To prepare a profile of the maid and ensure she fulfills the employer’s needs.
Immigration Department
  1. To confirm if the working pass is original and to approve temporary working permit.
  2. To issue a memo as and when the maid returns to her country of origin.
  3. To investigate reports of lost passport or runaway maid.
Labour Department
  1. To enforce the terms and conditions in the foreign maid contract.
  2. To monitor maid agencies.
  1. To look into physical and sexual abuse reports and missing maid.
What You Should Know

In many countries, maid is not a luxury but a necessity. However, appointing a maid to ease your housework burden can become troublesome if the maid runs away. Statistics have shown that about 800 maids from a neighboring country absconded to Malaysia every month.

Speed versus Quality

Unsurprisingly, there are employers who require maids urgently and willing to pay a premium price to have a maid within a week or less. Very often, these “instant maids” do not come from licensed or professional maid agencies. They also do not possess specific skills training and can be readily available due to:

  1. These so-called “maids” are on loan from someone to temporary appease the employer or to cut short the waiting time, which is ILLEGAL or
  2. These “maids” are already in Malaysia and came into the country via Social Visit Pass. They are termed as tourists, and are not permitted to work or
  3. Maids who have overstayed and are now trying to renew their visas, which may be rejected by Immigration Department or their country of origin’s embassies if they did not enter the country legally.
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