How to Solve Misunderstandings between the Employer and the Maid

How to Solve Misunderstandings between the Employer and the Maid

How to Solve Misunderstandings between the Employer and the Maid
Misunderstandings in whichever workplace is unavoidable. In the case of foreign domestic helpers, unsettled arguments between the employer and the maid often results to the maid’s termination. The issue on who must adjust during these kinds of disputes are often debatable. Does the employer need to be more patient because she’s the ‘leader’ of the house? Or does the maid must humbly acknowledge to whatever the employer insist because of her position? The best way to resolve an issue is a two-way adjustment. Both parties must do something to settle a misunderstanding.

Do not let complaints pile up. Unspoken complaints and anger result to long-time grudges. If the maid’s slow performance displeases the employer, she must bring it up to the maid the moment she realizes it. The tendency of the unspoken complaints is that it builds up inside you and negatively changes your attitude towards the other party without her knowing what’s wrong.

Come up with a solution without offending. Every discussion of the problem must come up with a solution. If both of you are arguing in circles, it means you don’t have a problem-solving approach in your mind. Questions that sounds like ‘So, what should be the remedy to improve this?’ must be asked during the talk instead of ‘Why are you so stupid?’ We can actually have a good conclusion without offending each other. Both should not have the intention to insult or hurt verbally. Our heart’s intention during the discussion is a big factor to solve a dispute easily.

Be honest and give unbiased judgements. Our judgements could be tainted by emotions such as anger. If you’re uncontrollable and berserk, let yourself calm down first for a minute before discussing the issue. Choose the words you’re going to impart carefully without disregarding honesty. Clarify things respectfully when you’re confused of what has been said.
Lastly, make it clear that the problems discussed inside the household must remain in the household unless, a mediator from outside is needed. Spreading malicious rumors about each other will not do any good to improve the relationship.

Efforts to solve a problem must come from both parties. Although, one may be superior to the other, both are responsible to maintain a healthy employer-employee relationship. Keep in mind that there’s no such thing as perfect employment. A boss has her or his individual unique trait that affects the employment itself. This is also true for the maids.

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