How To Set Rules For Your Maid

How To Set Rules For Your Maid

Each home worldwide has their own pattern and style of how things are done. Once your maid from puchong maid agency is coming to live in your home in Malaysia, it is better he or she gets familiar with everything in the household. So before welcoming your maid into your home, writing a list of rules with your partner is a very nice idea. Your list can include tasks that she ought to carry out, all that you expect of her performance, your house rules and lots more. While setting rules for your maid in Malaysia, it is very inappropriate to list hundreds of house rules. This is due to the fact that too many rules could lead to disorientation and over duties. Some of the essential rules to set for your maid include:

  • Socialization Rules: As the boss, it is left to you to decide if you would allow your maid in Malaysia to socialize during working hours or only on weekend. You have to allow your maid know the exact time or period she can communicate with her family and friends. You can as well decide to share the home Wi-Fi password with her just to keep in touch with her folks.


  • Personal Hygiene and Appearance: Once we keep our homes and surroundings clean and at the same time we all practice good personal hygiene at home, the whole house would be free from illness and germs. Set rules for your maid in Malaysia to always wash her hands properly before and after meals and ensure she knows how bad it is to be with an individual who looks very dirty and at the same time has body odor. Also, her hair should be washed properly every day and kept short. Not forgetting that she has to take her bath twice daily and keep all her uniforms and underwear clean always.


  • Trust rules: Let your maid know that being honest and trustworthy is one of the essential rules she must always stick to. She should not lie about anything on any occasion as this would create a big problem in the home. Also, she should know that stealing of anything at all even to the smallest things is prohibited and she could even be sent to jail in Malaysia by you if care is not taken.


  • How to treat members of the family: First of all, she has to know that greeting is a sign of respect and it is compulsory in the home. However, when it comes to the kids or any member of the family, on no account should she use insulting words, beat or hit them. Instead, she should report them and you would decide the punishment yourself. She should also know that whenever the kids are ill, she has to always be around to take care of them and make them feel better even if it’s by playing video or board games with them.

Once you get your maid from a maid agency in Kuala Lumpur, It is normal to feel nervous. The funny part of it all is that your maid feels the same way. Never forget that your maid is your employee and you have to be understanding and at the same time firm while implementing these rules. In order to have less conflict and a better relationship with your maid, it is a good suggestion for you to hire your maid from a reliable maid agency Malaysia.

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