How to overcome the anger?

How to overcome the anger?

Often a case in which the maids Malaysia is scolded by the employer of the string of mistakes and incompetence of maids in carrying out their duties. To prevent the situation from becoming worse, it is imperative for employers to control the overwhelming feelings of anger.

  1. Be tolerant

Practice tolerance towards Filipino maids Malaysia. Provide adequate time space for maids to improve work quality as they are also human beings who do not miss out on making mistakes. Age factors and maid experiences are also closely linked to the quality of their work. There is an easy-to-lose employer regardless of the background of a maid who may come from the interior which has never been used to the latest home appliances.

  1. Forgive

Forgiveness is a commendable practice. When we forgive someone, our anger disappears and the maids are also more calm and feel the world of their new work more enjoyable. However, the way to overcome anger by being forgiving should be escorted so that maids do not take advantage.

  1. Language Reflects the Nation

That’s the bidding we’ve heard since childhood. Regardless of how angry your particles are, control your language so as not to offend the feeling of a maid to cause them depression. When we use polite language when anger increases, indirect maid is easy to apologize and this will lower your level of anger.

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